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Want To Know Exactly What To Say In Your Videos? 

 (So Your Viewers Fall In Love With You & Want To Automatically Buy Your Products)

Have You Ever Gotten Stuck Right Before You Hit Record?

We've all had that moment.

You woke up inspired. And ready to take on the world.

Today, you want to film some videos to get the word about your product out to the world.

Today is the day!

  Your makeup is on point.

  Your hair is so fabulous & flawless.

  Your outfit is adorably amazing.

  Your earrings are sparkling.

  And you are ready to hit record.

And you perch your phone perfectly on some books.

So it can film you from the most delightful angle with amazing lighting.

And you get ready.

You position yourself in front of your phone.

And then, you do it.

You press that little red record button.

You are ready to film your magical video...

You take a deep breath and say, "Okay, I got this."

And you suddenly, in that moment, your feelings go from 

super high & energetic...

to... suddenly feeling

total confusion

As you sit in front of the camera feeling stuck & frozen with literally no clue what to say.

But you still try to film some videos but they come out downright messy.

And you feel deflated.

So you go to bed that night feeling like you kind of wasted a lot of time.

You took all the time to get ready.

You looked amazing.

You were so excited.

But you just didn't have a plan.

You didn't know what to say.

So it resulted in NOTHING BIG happening.

So you feel like a balloon that just lost all it's air.

And because we know the true secret to happiness is


And you made no progress...

You don't feel super happy.

And what starts to happen is that you get negative feelings about making videos.

You start to tell yourself a story like:
I'm not good on a camera.
I get all awkward on camera.
I'm not talented like others who make videos.
Maybe I should just stick to what I'm doing.

And that's where you're WRONG.

You see, it's not that you are bad on camera or awkward or not talented.

It's none of that.

It's just that you need to know: 

 What To Say

 How To Say It

 How To Film It

That is the BIG secret.

And I know this because I've done this.

My name is Michelle Cunningham and I've been filming videos for over 7 years. And I know all the emotions described above because I've experienced them.

And, my passion is to show you how to sell way more of your products online using videos (without being awkward & feeling deflated.)

You see...

I've sold millions & millions of dollars using video.

I don't share that to impress you, but to impress upon you that I am just a recovering introvert from humble beginnings who never thought I'd amount to much.

And over the years, I have learned how to make amazing videos by watching people who make amazing videos.

Did you hear that? That was important.

I've learned how to make amazing videos by watching people who make amazing videos.

And, the best people to learn this from is people who are actually doing it and winning BIG.

Which is why I created Influencer Video Secrets.

Over the years, I’ve become friends with tons of top sellers who are network marketers & internet marketers.

And I watch what they do.

I’m so inspired by their work.

And I am also intrigued by the variety of different ways that they build their business on social media.

One things that is really interesting is this:

They all use video completely differently to generate tons of sales.

  Instagram Reels

  Facebook Stories

  YouTube Videos


  Short Videos

  Long Videos

  Funny Videos

  Weird Videos

  And on and on...

I asked each of these 20 influencers to create a 20 minute training showing ALL THEIR SECRETS that led to tons of sales.

In total, over 400 minutes of POWER-PACKED video insights and training.

Then we took their amazing 20 minute video, edited it perfection to give you juiciest tips you can apply and use in your videos.

You be able to click on the actual videos they had the best results with online.

You'll hear their mindset behind the videos.

You'll get access to the magical words they used.

In addition, we have created the most comprehensive workbook from all of these influencers with links to everything they share.

Honestly, it’s probably the prettiest workbook ever.

If you like pretty things, your heart will dance.

Here's an example of Shamecca Stephens:

Each influencer has a:
20 minute training video
A printable workbook with links and scripts

And the you'll learn the secrets on:
What to say
How to say it
How to film it
To generate tons of sales & new reps on your team.

In this training, I asked them to hold nothing back.

Have you ever taken a generic training that is so generic you don’t walk away with any sort of value?

That’s annoying.

I’ve definitely watched plenty of generic training.

It’s bad. And annoying. And it wastes your time.

So, I have a really good radar for bad training.

Only because I don’t have a lot of time.  I like people to cut to the chase and show me the best stuff.

So, I’ve asked them to share their screen and take us on a journey showing exactly the videos they create, show the actual video and how that turned into a new sale or a new recruit.

I also told them it didn’t matter if they show their company name because we are all with different companies and we can all learn from one another.

And what is so cool is that each of these influencers use a video in a different and unique way to turn that into:

  MORE sales

  MORE new reps

  MORE profits

So, I’ve asked them to give YOU their absolute best secrets.

No generic garbage allowed.

I actually said, “Hold nothing back. Reveal everything that you’re doing so that we can help all network marketers. And if you can share your screen, show the best videos that led to astronomical sales, show your next recruiting strategy, share scripts on how you turn this into a sale or new team member.”

And guess what, they brought their A game.

Like the BEST I’ve ever seen!!

The videos they created are seriously the most powerful and impactful 20 minute videos.

Best part is that you have lifetime access to them so you can watch one video when you get time and implement one unique strategy at a time.

Then you can go back into it and maybe a week later implement a new strategy.

It’s designed to work with your super crazy busy schedule.

It’s also designed to let you implement things slowly before getting overwhelmed with too many ideas.

Because we all know that a confused mind does nothing.

So if you want inside her secrets from some of the top network marketers in the world who are successfully using video to bring in business, this is your next step.

This training is placed inside a lifetime access membership area and it’s waiting for you.

Right now, because you are seeing this offer you’re getting it at the best price it will ever be offered.

When we bring it back, it will be priced much much higher.

So, grab this now.

It is the most hands-on, peak behind the curtain, brilliant training you will receive from 20 people who are in the field, making money every day using social media and using videos.

These people know their stuff.

And they are giving you all the secrets so you can exponentially grow your business and use some automation to make your life easier.

We can spend all of our time spinning our wheels doing the same thing we’ve always done.

Or we can learn from others who are absolutely crushing it and implement unique video strategies to get results on autopilot.

Imagine sales coming in on autopilot.

Or new reps requesting to join your team clicking a link.

That’s crazy cool.

And that’s all going to be taught right inside this course.

Here’s a little glimpse into some of the speakers…

  One Used Social Media To Recruit Her Entire Downline Of 4k People

  Another Generated 2 Million In Sales In One Month

  Another has been Featured In Entrepreneur Magazine 

  Another Personally Generated $223k In Sales On 2 Platforms In The Last 8 Months

  One Recruited 8 People From One LIVE Video

  One Recruited 900 People From Tik Tok Alone

  Someone even Generated $7k In Sales From 2 Tik Tok LIVE Videos

  Another Generated $33k In Sales In 90 Days Using Tik Tok

  One Gets 150k - 300k Views Per Video

  Someone Even Built 7 Facebook Groups Each With Over 50k Members

  Someone Else Generated $50k In Sales In One Week Using Social Media

  One Personally Recruited Over 1500 People Using Social Media

  One Runs A Team Of Over 60k People…

  Private Pre-Bootcamp VIP Q&A Session with Michelle

Value $997

  Post-Bootcamp VIP Q&A Session with Michelle

Value $997

  Customizable Canva Templates Created by a Pro

Value $497

You Receive: 

 A Lifetime Access Membership Area To Watch The Training Videos

 Access To 20 Top Network Marketers & Internet Marketers Sharing Their Secrets

 Printable Workbooks To Go With Each Training With Scrips, Scannable QR Codes & Major Profit Producing Strategy

 A Glimpse Inside The Mind Of A Top Marketers | Learn How They Think. It's GOLD!

 Access To Watch The Actual Videos They Used That Netted Tons of Sales 

 This Course Is Gold.  It's The Playbook For Success As An Online Seller.

Total Value: $2,491

Normal Price: $497

Today Only: $97

This is an insane value.

Here’s the deal…

  Video allows you to keep working when you’re not talking.

  Video never stops talking.

  Video never stops reaching people.

  Video never stops sharing your message.

  And video makes your life stress-free.

Learn from these women.

I admire them, I trust them, and...

I was very selective in who I asked.

You will learn SO MUCH from these women.

The women who are part of this course: I admire them, I trust them, and I was very selective in who I asked.

Very selective.

So, when I tell you they brought the best of the best. I’m not kidding.

And this GOLD is being offered to you for the lowest price it will ever be offered.

Ever.  Gold is never on sale.

But right now, we’re making this GOLD on sale for you.

Why!? Because it's a brand new course and this is an introductory offer.

So grab it.

GOLD. Don’t miss the gold. You deserve gold.

We cannot wait to see the magical videos that you create and...

We are even more excited to hear the awesome success stories that you share with all of us from what you have learned.

It’s your time. Go big!

NSL:  Never stop learning.

Let’s do this.  Join us on the inside.

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